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  1. Joani B says:

    “We moved to Canandaigua recently. We used Paul Clingerman. Had radon and all and it was $300 total and he took about 4 hours to do it on site, plus the report later. A very nice guy too.

    We backed out of the deal in large part because of issues with mold … this was by far the best and most thorough.”

  2. My wife and I had been shopping for our first home for many months before we found “the one.” Paul gave us a thorough inspection, offered lots of helpful tips for improvements and maintenance on the home, and provided a very detailed report following the inspection that will serve us as home owners for years to come.

    We highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a home inspection. Knowing now what we know about our house gives us a great deal more confidence about making our final offer, and about being good home owners.

  3. Joyce Andrewlavage says:

    Being a Realtor for 28+ years I’ve seen not so good, good, and great inspectors. Paul Clingerman is the best of the best. His extensive knowledge of all aspects of homes offers a great benefit to all his customers. His smiley personality and pleasant demeanor make everyone he meets comfortable. Within a few minutes of talking to Paul you know “he knows his business” and that you can trust him. Thank you Paul for doing a great job each and every time. -Joyce Andrewlavage Realtor,GRI Nothnagle Realtors

  4. Our realtor recommended Paul to complete our home inspection and he exceeded expectations. He was thorough and went above and behind the call of duty, explaining things we could do to maintain our new home. He paid extra attention to anything that was safety related. We provided excellent product recommendations. Paul also has an amazing personality: humorous, fun-loving, down-to-earth. He also offered future consultation about home issues and contractor plans in order to assure us we were getting quality work done on future house projects.

  5. My fiancée and I are buying our first home. We had two homes inspected prior to this by someone else before the deals went sour. As a result of the nightmarish previous inspections, we were very hesitant to have one done the third time, but decided to go with Paul, who came highly recommended. I have to say it was nothing like I’d expected! Rather than raise alarm about every single flaw with the house, he simply pointed out the issue, and recommended different things you could do to remedy it. I was also very impressed with his friendly, relaxed demeanor and sense of humor. I never thought I would go to a home inspection and actually enjoy it! I’m very satisfied with the level of education I got from the inspection, and how thorough it was. Great value, and a very good guy!

  6. Rodger Conway says:

    I just had a home inspection by Paul Clingerman. His candid comments and honesty were refreshing. He is not afraid to point out things I would never have thought to look at. The recommendations he made were based on safety and convenience and you can bet I will follow through. I have never met a more friendly, fair and customer oriented person. I am highly recommending Paul if you are going to have a house inspected. I promise you won’t be dissapointed.

    Rodger Conway

  7. Donna & Alan says:

    Paul provided an outstanding home inspection for us and uncovered MANY items that we would not have found on our own. His prevention tips for future home ownership were also welcome. Great job – best I have seen!

  8. Rick Gebo says:

    My family has used Paul a few times for home inspections and he is by far the best of the best. He is very thorough and explains everything in detail and gives suggestions on anything he finds. I highly recommend using him

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